• Best Shampoo: Results
    6 April 2011 | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Since ancient times, people have attributed magical properties to hair. They believed beautiful, healthy hair made a woman feminine, wrapped her in mystery and attracted people to her.  An owner of lush and shiny hair feels and acts more confident. Moreover, a well-groomed head always creates good mood.

  • Trendy haircuts 2011
    1 April 2011 | By WP | Comments(2) »

  • Sea Salt: The Natural Fight Against Cellulite
    22 March 2011 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Scientists say life originated in the ocean. They’ve already proved seafood helps woman look  more attractive  and solves many health and beauty related problems, such as cellulite and stress.

  • Mineral Powder Make-Up
    6 March 2011 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Mineral cosmetics appeared long ago, but became popular relatively recently. Now mineral powder can be called just the component every cosmetics bag should contain, in case perfect makeup is your goal.

  • Dry Shampoo Facts
    5 March 2011 | By WP | Comments(18) »

    Saying a dry shampoo is a new thing in hair washing is rather not true. We should better say it is well-forgotten old home remedy. Once upon a time, our ancestors cleared hair, sprinkling them with flour or fine-ground grain.

  • Hair Care Tips
    6 February 2011 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    How to treat hair? What hair-care products suit me? What hair-care products help, and which, on the contrary might harm?

  • Apple diet
    27 January 2011 | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Sweet apple … Ah, how we want to lose weight easily, and bring no harm to the body! There is a way out - you just need to include this delicious fruit in your diet.

  • Autumn 2010 make-up: glamourous Gothic
    11 September 2010 | Comments(0) »

    This autumn make-up is marked with incredible variety and brightness of all details. Visagistes really enjoy the possibility to accentuate every feature and create a distinguished image. You know, for a long time make-up was used to create only an image of a real lady - wonderful, but somehow vapid.

  • Secrets of healthy skin
    27 November 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    A woman is influenced by nature much stronger than man. Life turmoil, climatic conditions and other factors primarily affect the most sensitive health indicator - skin.

  • Skin types and face care
    17 November 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    If you want to have beautiful and healthy skin, it is necessary to determine your skin type and make a detailed acquaintance with needs of different skin types, to apply desired cosmetic correctly.

  • Romantic evening makeup
    21 September 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    A big city girl’s life has so few really romantic evenings, innocent visits, walks in the moonlight … If your young man is romantic at heart, consider yourself lucky.

  • 3 makeover secrets
    21 September 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    In terms of style, a woman’s image is a reflection of her personality and mood, vivid and memorable image, a harmonious combination of each part to the tips of nails and hair.

  • Makeover. Create a new image
    25 August 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Creating your own style and image is rather a complex problem. However, every woman wants to be bright, memorable, special.

  • Cellulite treatment: 20 ways to say goodbye once and for all!
    20 July 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Summer is no longer the most crucial period in fight against excess weight, as you should think about it earlier.

    After all, if in winter we were reliably covered with warm clothing, coats and sheepskins, and in spring - blouses and pants, in summer hiding cellulite from the outside world is much more complicated: tops and shorts will show the world places we are trying to hide so desperately.

  • Rapid weight loss diets
    14 July 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    These diets are most efficient somewhere a month and a half before the scheduled event, graduation, wedding, and you will see changes in your body. You can lose from 5 to 8 kg.

    Diet «Lose weight before the wedding»

  • Weight loss. Secrets of sexy look
    8 July 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Weight loss is not a goal for women, but a means! Reliable and proven means for entirely different goal - men conquest!

  • Celebrity fashion hairstyles: 5 reasons to emulation
    25 June 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Making a top of most popular celebrity fashion hairstyles is not so easy, because there are a whole lot of them. The list of 5 people inlcudes secular chronicles heroines Malin Akerman, AnnaLynne McCord, Ashley Olsen, Holly Berry and Hayden Panettiere.

  • Lose weight in one day. Celebrity tips.
    24 June 2009 | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Everyone knows that in order to look good, you should regularly visit gym, stick to a diet, lead a healthy lifestyle. Not everyone manages doing so, and many agree with the fact. However, when it comes to a party, every girl wants to show herself only in the best form.

  • Simple rules for dyed hair treatment
    23 June 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    As a rule, each woman devotes much time and money to maintain dyed hair in good condition.

  • 5 occasions for early waking
    19 June 2009 | By WP | Comments(0) »

    What can be more beautiful and sweet than slugging in bed half-asleep, realizing you should not hurry anywhere. And on the contrary, it is so unpleasant to detach yourself forcibly from the pillow, when, as the saying goes, you are as nervous as a witch…



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