Good girls attract bad guys like a magnet, but we’re not taking the easy route: we often fail to notice a good person close to us. Unfortunately, women tend to choose someone who will certainly disappoint or hurt them. Although everything depends on one’s taste and temperament, several types of men should always be avoided. Read this article and stay alert.

Bad Boy

Bad guys look wonderful, and some decent ones may be out there.

Nevertheless, you should try to ignore a man if he is cold and unfeeling rather than thoughtful, if he is constantly dissatisfied with everything that is happening around him, and if he doesn’t like to talk about serious topics.

Married Man

You often hear such sad excuses as “my marriage is unhappy,” “we are going to divorce,” “my wife cheated on me.” These are classic fictions to create a negative image of his wife so that he can look good in the eyes of others.

In fact, a married man is simply bored with being married, but leaving his wife is not his intention. He just needs to know he is still able to attract women. He likes being available. Do not fall for such tricks. Finally, you should imagine that you are a wife whose husband is cheating.

Love at a Distance

Such relationships exist only in movies and love stories. Most likely your boyfriend just enjoys knowing that you exist—it doesn’t even matter where you live—city, country, or even continent. Ask yourself: Do you need a man who doesn’t try to change the “geography,” which prevents you from physically being together?

Emotional Wall

First, you accept his restraint for possible embarrassment or reluctance to immediately open up to an unfamiliar girl. But is the emotional barrier still there after some time passes? If so, he is not open for the two of you to fall in love. This development will certainly end in disaster. Avoid pulling the devil by the tail. He will not give up.