The liver is the second most vital organ after the heart. The liver filters our blood, cleansing it from contaminants. Everyone knows that pure blood means health, vigor, vitality and energy. Therefore, maintaining a healthy liver is an extremely vital issue for us!

Impurities in the blood accumulate in the liver, polluting it like any filter. As a result, it forms stones. Most often, they appear in gallbladder located near liver.  Imagine gall bladder filled with clay-like lumps: terrible!   During a liver cleansing, you will see them coming out.

What do you need to do to cleanse your liver? Cause a powerful eruption of bile, which rids your body of impurities.  Bile breaks down fats, stimulates intestinal motility and clears the body of chemical waste (slags). All unnecessary things are carried away with the bile.

Before you begin a liver cleansing, you’ll probably want to know what the results and benefits. Don’t worry, the result will not disappoint you!

Benefits of a liver cleansing:

Health. After a liver cleansing, you’ll feel a noticeable improvement in health. As you clear the blood filter (liver), your blood becomes clearer. This will benefit all organs. Headaches will disappear, digestion will be enhanced, and breathing will become easier. You can forget about frequent colds, bronchitis, etc as well.

Skin. Your skin will become fresh and smooth. You’ll see an improvement in pimples, acne, rashes and irritations. Skin yellowness will  be a thing of the past, dark circles and bags under your eyes will disappear, and fine wrinkles will smooth out. Your face will look fresh and rested!

Eyes. The whites of your eyes will clear, and any yellowish tinge will disappear. As the nutrition of the vessels and capillaries (including ones located in the eye) is improved, your eyes will look brighter and shinier!

Rejuvenation. Liver cleansing triggers anti-aging. If you keep liver (and the whole body) in a pure state, you’ll soon notice that the passage of time slows down for you. People around you will also notice it! You’ll look well-groomed, fresh and clean not only outside, also but inside. And this fact cannot be hidden! Such a person  attracts others.

How to cleanse your Liver with radish juice:

Radish juice holds great nutritional and medicinal properties . First, it contains huge amount of phytoncids, which kill germs and protect body against infection. Secondly, radish juice has strong choleretic and diuretic effects. As a result, slags are actively excreted. That’s what we need!

It’s best to use black radish juice - it is the most “vigorous” and contains the largest concentrated amounts of phytoncids and choleretic substances. If you can’t find a black radish, take margelan (green) or radish (white, red). Use a juicer to extract the liquids from the radishes.

Peel the radish and pass it through a juicer. Store resulting juice in the refrigerator, otherwise it will lose its health benefits.

1 kg radish makes approximately 300 grams juice. It’s better to drink fresh juice, not juice that has been stored in the fridge. Therefore, prepare small portions of juice, enough for 2-3 days.

Drink juice as follows:

I week - 1 tbsp. spoon three times a day;
II week - 2 tbsp. spoon three times a day;
III week - 3 tbsp. spoon three times a day;
IV week - 4 tbsp. spoon three times a day;
V week - 5 tbsp. three times a day;
VI week - to 6 tbsp. three times a day.

Total - 1½ month. This is a full course of liver cleansing.

Drink the juice an hour after eating. You can transport the juice in a plastic bottle if necessary. Pouring pre-measured amounts into a portable bottle makes consumption easier.

Occasionally, the liver begins “flashing” or aching. This means it has accumulated the toxins, and they are being removed - hence liver aches and “complains”. Apply a heating pad to relieve any pain.

Typically, such pain is felt at the beginning of the course and then disappears. Some people feel no pain at all. Do not worry: slags and salt are being removed.

When you stick to the radish liver cleansing method, avoid fatty, spicy and acidic foods. Refuse heavy meals: your liver is trying to work, so don’t add an excessive load.

Plan to do a radish liver cleansing course once a year. Remember radish juice has not only choleretic, but also diuretic effect, so it cleanses liver and bladder, as well as respiratory tract (due to phytoncids).

After completing the regimen, sit back and notice the changes in your own body.