Wise women have been comparing beauty care with lunar phases for ages. Beauties did various cosmetic procedures right at the time, when moon contributed to this best of all

Each month has two points - new moon and full moon, and also periods of increscent moon and old moon. Knowing about it, every woman can determine the best days for beauty care, and also days, when it’s better to refrain from any actions to support beauty.

Pay attention to marks in your calendar every day, plan order of beauty care in correspondence with moon position - a sister of female beauty.

New moon: remove hair and grow thin

Plucking eyebrows and wax depilation are too painful for many women. So, new moon is the best period for such painful procedures: during this time our skin is less sensitive to such influence on it for the sake of beauty.

Saline procedures are especially efficient during new moon: dilute 3-4 table spoons of sea-salt in 1 liter of warm water, moisten a cotton tissue, T-shirt or sports shirt in this solution, squeeze and put on. Wrap yourself with a dry towel. Lie for about an hour in such compress. During this time you’ll be sweating strongly, as salt stimulates all processes in skin - during this hour pores will be opened and cleared, skin will become smooth and elastic and you will get rid of spots on spine and breast. Especially for those who are losing weight: saline procedures will reduce your shapes slightly.

Attention! If you feel strong itch and burning on your skin during saline procedure - don’t wait and rinse salt. If you have small wounds or inflammations on skin, don’t use saline envelopment!

Bath with sea or kitchen salt (250-300g for a bath) will bring you pleasure, salt stimulates blood circulation, improves skin tone, helps to struggle with overweight. After bath don’t forget to rinse your body under shower carefully.

Increscent moon: wrap and massage ourselves

To provide yourself with correct skin care, you should know that organism is disposed to maximum absorption and assimilation of everything that comes to it during increscent moon. Usage of nourishing and moistening creams will bring the best effect during this period. It’s quite time for various envelopments, face packs and massages with oils and nourishing creams. Besides special oils, you can use food vegetable, but unpurified, oils too. Popular olive oil - is the best variant. Regular face massage with olive oil will remove facial wrinkles, spots and inflammations, improve look of skin.

You can also do packs with oil, mixed with sea-salt and cosmetic loam until consistence of thick sour cream. If you have a possibility to buy dried seaweed, pound and soak it and use instead of sea-salt. Black Dead Sea earth - is a resolvent and regenerating cosmetic, helps to keep skin moisture balance. Apply received paste on body, wrap yourself with food film, bungle yourself in a bath towel and rest during 30-40 minutes. Then take a shower and apply a nourishing or moistening cream or lotion.

Full moon: choose your color

Have you been thinking about changing your hair color for a long? Full moon - is a good reason to re-new yourself, realize your plans. In this phase any information, coming to our organism, is kept and fixed well. Hair, colored in a full moon, will keep color and shine longer. Even toning, made during these days, will stay longer.

Before choosing a tone for your hair, pay attention to your skin color. If it’s sallow, then you shouldn’t become blonde. Pale skin doesn’t always harmonize with dark hair. Don’t color your hair in red, if you have pink skin or eastern features.

Natural colorants will help you to take good care about your hair. Remember, you can add goldish tone to your hair, if you rinse hair with chamomile broth. To prepare broth, pour a handful of flowers with 0,5 liter of water, leave for a while under a cover and filter. Rinsing hair with black tea after washing adds more intensive tone to brown hair.

Masks and rinses can help you to revive and make your hair shining. If you have light hair, boil 1 table spoon of rosemary in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes, filter broth and rinse your hair with it.

For brunettes: mix 2 egg-whites, a cup of fresh coffee and a cup of water to receive paste. Apply mixture on hair for 10 minutes, then wash with shampoo.

Red-haired can use such recipe: pound 4 strawberries in 60 g of peroxide during 20 seconds and apply on hair for 15-20 minutes, wash with shampoo.

There’re good reasons, when it’s not recommended to dye hair at all. First of all - during menstruation, this affects hair condition negatively, they start falling out often, besides, coloring effect is much lower during this period. Don’t dye your hair also during pregnancy, breastfeeding, kidney disease exacerbation, eczema and other skin diseases.

During full moon our skin is disposed to reddening because of blood rush, as it’s better to avoid steam baths and not to wipe face and neck with ice during this time. Wash face with warm soft water, herbal extracts with vasodilating or calming effect - mint, chamomile, bur-marigold.

Cosmetic milk for dry skin: pour 2 table spoons of wheat grains with a glass of white wine, leave for 3 days, then filter and add yolk. It’s recommended to cleanse facial skin before going to bed.

For fat skin: mix 100 ml of vodka with lemon juice, beaten egg-white and 1 tea spoon of glycerin.
For neck: mix egg-yolk, 100 g of sour cream, several drops of vodka and juice of half-orange. Wipe your neck with a moistened sponge, then apply fat cream or warm vegetable oil. You can use this composition daily, and keep it in fridge.

As full moon causes inexplicable anxiety and excitement in some people - it’s useful to take warm bath with ?? part of milk and ?? part of chamomile extract during such days. Warm water will relax you and dissipate anxiety, and milk with chamomile will make your skin soft and delicate.

Old moon: cleaning

While old moon you can remove keratoderma with help of peeling and cleaning better, than ever. Advice: before cleaning your face, open pores with help of compress. For example, pour a punch of parsley with 250 ml of hot water and leave for 30 minutes. Then moisten a towel or tissue in this extract and put on face for 20 minutes. Sea-salt is an excellent natural scrub, with help of which you can do peeling of rough skin.

Use small sea-salt as scrub, otherwise large particles will damage your skin. Smear skin with soft gel, and after procedure rinse rest of sea scrub necessarily. During peeling tiny cracks and wounds are often formed, which can get inflamed, if you don’t rinse sea-salt. Don’t do peeling massage with sea-salt on delicate parts of skin - on breast, d?©collet?© area and belly. Softer cosmetic - is a scrub of white small sea-salt with bran (2 table spoons on 1 table spoon of salt).

Remember, creams, containing abrasive components, which remove dead cells, particles of make-up and dust, which can hardly be rinsed by cosmetic milk or lotion, are very efficient. Such creams improve blood circulation, intensify cell renewal, used during period of old moon, they will bring use to skin and make it healthier.

It’s also useful to do procedures, struggling with cellulite, during old moon - effect is achieved much sooner. Besides, it’s quite time to cut nails and hair while old moon, if you want them to grow more slowly.

“Influential” Moon

The Moon is second planet after the Sun, as for power of influence of a man. Even circadian cycle is based on moon, as human biological clock correspond to lunar days, i.e. 24 hours 48-50 minutes. Lunar month consists of 28 days, which include 4 lunar phases. Comparing them with seasons, you can say that

increscent moon - is spring

2nd quarter, full moon - is summer

3rd quarter, old moon - is autumn

and 4rth quarter, new moon - is winter

It’s easy to understand how these phases-”seasons” affect human:

“spring” - moistens
“summer” - warms
“autumn” - dries
“winter” - cools down

This means, while old moon-”autumn” skin needs moistening, in “winter”, new moon, you can expect a good result of wax depilation, while full moon-”summer?» cold influence is efficient, for example, removal of moles with help of cryospray, and in “spring”, while increscent moon, you can do permanent wave: hair will endure this drying procedure better.

While skin care you should consider zodiac sign, in which Moon is. For example, when Moon is in Capricorn, it’s better to refrain from cosmetic operations - scars and wakes can remain for a long time. It’s better to visit pedicure cabinet when Moon is in Virgo, in manicure - when Moon is in Sagittarius. The best time to visit hairdresser’s - during full moon and when Moon is in Leo, Virgo and Libra.

Make note
Lunar visagiste in November: do nourishing face packs while increscent moon during period until November 4 and November 24-30, and use cleansing lotions and scrubs while old moon during period from November 6 to 20.

Apply cosmetic face packs while Moon in Capricorn in the evening of November 23, 24 or 25. Plan a visit to manicure salon while Moon in Sagittarius or Capricorn on November 21-25, and pedicure - while Moon in Virgo in the evening of November 13, 14, 15. Choose full moon on November 5 or days when Moon is in Leo, Virgo, Libra on November 11-18, to visit hairdresser’s.

Meeting with hairdresser will be unsuccessful while Moon in Pisces on November 1-2, 28-29, and in Cancer on November 9-10. There’s high risk for hair to be too unruly during these days, a hair-do will be shapeless.

??¦ in December: during period until December 4 and on December 21-31 while increscent moon use nourishing and moistening creams, and cleansing lotions will be effective while old moon on December 6-19.

Apply a face pack when Moon is in Capricorn in the evening of December 21-22, but avoid cosmetic operations. Visit manicure cabinet when Moon is in Sagittarius or Capricorn in the evening of December 18, 19-22, pedicure - when Moon is in Virgo on December 11-12 or in the morning on December 13. Choose full moon on December 4-5 or days when Moon is in Leo, Virgo, Libra on December 9-15, to visit hairdresser’s and wash hair.

Visit to hairdresser’s can disappoint you when Moon is in Cancer on December 6-7 and in the morning of December 8, in Pisces on December 25-26. Hair won’t submit to a hairdresser’s hands, and later it will be difficult for you to put hair into shape.