The most expensive woman in the world is a Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez

The most expensive woman in the world

This is a Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez. Her body is insured in a New-York insurance company for 1 milliard Euro. As it is known, an actress’s and singer’s legendary back represents a special value.

The most expensive film

The most expensive film in the world is still “Titanic” by James Cameron. Creators spent more than 200 millions dollars on this film.

The most expensive advertising campaign

In 2002 “Pepsi” invited a singer Britney Spears to advertise their produce. A famous manufacturer of soft drinks paid 7,53 millions dollars for a 90-seconds reel. During 1,5 minutes, while commercial lasts, Britney manages to take a tour through time, change several attires and appear in different images. The reel was shot especially for US football championship final. According to unofficial sources, Britney Spears’s fee for her participation in the campaign amounted 1 million dollars.

The most expensive trip

An American businessman and a computer millionaire from South African Republic paid 20 million dollars each to fly to International Space Station.

The most expensive election campaign

This record belongs to Michael Blumberg, who was a candidate for New York mayor post in 2001. Each of 744 757 votes for him cost 92 dollars 60 cents. The whole election campaign cost Blumberg 62 millions dollars.

The most expensive city

Life costs so expensive nowhere, but in Tokyo.

The most expensive stock car

Maybach 62” model will cost you “only” 360 thousands Euro. Seats are transformed in a reclining position, DVD-player, Doulby Surround Sound - you should pay for such luxury!

Most expensive shoes

Really precious high-heel shoes were made by a famous jeweler. They are decorated with 642 rubies. Their price is 1,6 millions Euro. Sparkling sandals represent a copy of Dorothy’s shoes from “WIZARD OF OZ, THE” movie. Ruby shoes were made especially for a famous Hollywood actress, whose name is hidden.

The most expensive lunch

Greenlight Capital” boss bought a right to have a lunch with his idol, multi-millionaire Warren Buffet, for 250 100 dollars on auction.

The most expensive painting

Peter Paul Rubens’s painting “Massacre of the Innocents“. “Massacre of the Innocents” was painted by Rubens during an interval between 1609 and 1611 years. This painting was sold by “Sotheby’s” auction in July 2002 for 49,5 millions pounds (about 75 millions dollars).

Most expensive cigarettes

Most expensive cigarettes are “Treasurer“. One pack costs about 24 Euro. They are sold only in specialized stores.

Most expensive potato

Sort “La Bonnotte” from France. 1 kg costs about 500 euro.

Most expensive coffee

Sort “Kopi Luwak” from Sumatra. A quarter of a pound costs about 75 dollars. An unusual small animal lives on Java and Sumatra coffee plantation - its name Luwak (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus). It eats only ripe coffee-beans. Luwak cannot digest a coffee seed and gets rid of it naturally. Local aborigines gather such coffee seeds carefully and the most expensive coffee in the world is prepared of them. This drink’s rich taste is explained by special qualities of an animal’s digestive juices.

The most expensive costume

American astronauts’ costume. It costs 9 millions dollars and is at the same time the most expensive piece of clothing in the world.

The most expensive hotel

7 stars hotel “Burj Al Arab” in Dubai. You will have to pay 770 Euro for the most modest room, and royal apartments will cost you 7 700 Euro.

The most expensive stadium

Stade de France” near Paris. In 1998 a national French team won world Championship here. Its construction cost 460 millions Euro.

The most expensive share

One share of an American investment company “Berkshire Hathaway” costs more than 64 thousands Euro. “Berkshire Hathaway” controls lots of companies, working in different branches of traditional economics, including financial services, candy manufacture, publishing industry, jewellery business, manufacture of furniture and carpets, manufacture of building materials and many others. “Berkshire Hathaway” holds large share holding of ?«Coca-Cola”, “American Express”, “Gillette”, “The Washington Post” companies.

The most expensive footballer

Zinedine Zidane. In 2001 a French player passed to from “Juventus” to “Real” (Madrid) for a record sum of 68,7 millions Euro.

The most expensive bra

It costs 12,5 millions dollars. A German cover girl Heidi Klum showed it on one of fashion shows in New York.

The most expensive comics

Comics about a boy named Tim and his dog. One collector paid 100 thousands Euro for an original of a title picture of “Black Island” edition.

The most expensive brand

It’s “Coca-Cola“. Its value is 68,9 milliards dollars, what is almost 60% of the whole company’s value.

The most expensive Barbie doll

Price is 100 thousands Euro. She wears a dress, decorated by real diamonds.

The most expensive book

Codex Leicester” by Leonardo da Vinci, written in mirror writing on expensive paper with lawn finish. Bill Gates bought it for 24 millions dollars.