If you have wide hips and big buttocks, then you can solve the problem in two ticks, or to be more exact, in 2 weeks. You should observe general rules of a diet 4 days a week and only then you will notice significant results
This diet is, first of all, meant for women, as nature made arrangements so that their fat would be accumulated firstly on hips and buttocks. However, men also can use this diet, especially beer lovers, who acquired big shapeless bellies as a reward.

So, on average we consume about 115 g of fat per day, while a human physiological need in fat is only 12 g! Fat is mostly hidden from our eyes - it hides in ultimate products in the form of cakes, sponge-cakes, sausages.

Well, let’s proceed to achievement of our goal!

The main thing: drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, preferring non-aerated mineral water. Try to reduce quantity of cups of coffee or tea you drink. Don’t make too strong tea and drink it without sugar, the same concerns coffee.

Men should vary an offered daily allowance with two slices of rye-bread and a big potato, boiled in its jacket (400 calories).


Breakfast: a glass of natural yogurt, one apple, one crispy small loaf of bread with tomato, cut in circles.

Lunch: 200 g of chicken stick (skinless), a big portion of mixed salad, seasoned with lemon juice, one small rye-roll.

Afternoon snack: a toast with two table spoons of boiled haricot and watercress.

Supper: a glass of dry sherry, big portion of stewed cauliflower, strewed with 25 g of grated Edam cheese, baked tomatoes, haricot, baked apple with stuffing of 1 tea spoon of black currant and 1 tea spoon of honey.


Breakfast: one low-calorie sausage, fried on grill, 25 g of mushrooms, boiled in water, one crispy small loaf of bread, a tea spoon of jam.

Lunch: sandwich of two slices of bran bread and 50 g of cottage cheese, lettuce, several grapes.

Afternoon snack: a plate of lenten soup, a small rye-roll, 1 apple.

Supper: a glass of aperitif, 150 g of any white fish, baked in foil with onion, green and red pepper and sprinkled with lemon juice, 200 g of potato, boiled in its jacket, green haricot, cabbage, broccoli, marrows.


Breakfast: one soft-boiled or coddled egg, two crispy small loaves of bread.

Lunch: a big portion of melon, two table spoons of boiled haricot, a big portion of mixed salad, a slice of bran-bread.

Afternoon snack: one big banana, a glass of dietetic yogurt.

Supper: any ready low-calorie dish, stewed cauliflower, baked tomatoes, green haricot, a small glass of dry wine.


Breakfast: a bran-brad toast, two table spoons of cottage cheese, one tomato.

Lunch: a cruspy bun with lettuce and 50 g of non-fat ham, one apple.

Afternoon snack: 90 g of tunny-fish in own juice, a big portion of mixed salad, two crispy small loaves of bread.

Supper: 100 g of non-fat mutton chop, cooked on grill, some gravy, 75 g of potato mash on non-fat milk, green haricot, cabbage, cauliflower, one orange, a small glass of dry wine.


Breakfast: 25 g of bran flakes, diluted with milk, a small banana.

Lunch: 100 g of shrimps, a big portion of mixed salad, seasoned with lemon juice, one pear.

Afternoon snack: bran bread toast, baked tomatoes, 12 g of grated Edam cheese.

Supper: 4 fish sticks, warmed on grill, two table spoons of boiled haricot, baked tomatoes, one table spoon of green peas, watercress, several grapes.


Breakfast: a big piece of melon, a glass of natural yogurt.

Lunch: non-fat beefsteak in a bum (without onion), one orange or pear.

Afternoon snack: a plate of lenten soup, two tomatoes, four crispy small loaves of bread.

Supper: 100 g of boiled spaghetti with a sauce of canned tomatoes, green, garlic and 50 g of planed meat of boiled chicken, a small banana.


Breakfast: fruit salad - cut one apple, pear and banana into dice, season with two table spoons of natural yogurt.

Lunch: open sandwich - put lettuce leaves on a slice of bran bread, 25 g of cold non-fat meat, three table spoons of salad of shredded cabbage, kiwi slices.

Afternoon snack: mix 50 g of spaghetti with green peas, spring onions cut small, pepper, tomatoes and sprinkle everything with lemon juice.

Supper: fry onion, canned tomatoes, celery, green pepper, 50 g of planed chicken chest slightly, season fried dish with ginger and garlic to your taste. Serve with two table spoons of boiled rice and a glass of dry wine.
This diet is intended for two weeks; for women daily norm of calories is 1100, for men - 1400.

In general, if you are lucky to lose weight, we will be very glad, as you really want to demonstrate your elastic buttocks and beautiful legs with pride, don’t you?