Cases of two decades ago, when computers cause irreparable damage to a pregnant body, shocked the entire medical community. This forced manufacturers to develop a new safety standard for computers. How modern computer affects pregnant body? How real are consequences of computer work all doctors cannot stop talking about?

The first thing pregnant woman hear about computer is the fact it is a dangerous source of radiation and electromagnetic fields. While only a few actually realize how really all this can affect health. There is a wide variety of ways to protect oneself against radiation and electromagnetic fields. For example, a pentagram around your monitor or cacti, which take away the whole “radiation”. If your monitor is consistent with modern safety standards, and you do not spend day and night at work, then it will certainly help. But real life is still somewhat different.

Unfortunately, today, science is not able to fully satisfy your curiosity about computer impact on the body, there is simply not enough data.

First, scientists started collecting information only during the last 20-30 years.
Secondly, it is clear no one will permit carrying out experiments on human beings. Therefore, they select animals, but these results, of course, cannot be fully extrapolated to humans. Simple monitoring health of people working with computer cannot accurately capture the data, because it is impossible to separate influence of computer from other factors’ effects.

Third, progress is not static, and computer technology has changed: radiation of monitors from the 80’s - early 90’s and glass screen not covered with any protective layer provided many times bigger radiation, than modern monitors.

Reliable changes, such as, blurred vision, poor circulation in pelvis became axioms. Ohters are still unknown. People will be able to name long-term consequences of computer work with sufficient certainty only after change of computer users generations, so we are still in an experimental stage, but our children and grandchildren will have more reliable information.

Pregnancy and computer

Will they we have these same children and grandchildren? Whether computer can cause infertility and affect the course of pregnancy, fetal development? Doctors are still gathering information. It is known that the probability of miscarriage in women who use computer is higher than those who do not work with it. By modern standards of occupational safety, pregnant women are excluded from work on computer, that is, employers must strive to protect pregnant woman and fetus from potential harm. Decide for yourself - if you believe in safety of modern computer and do not consider it necessary to interrupt work with it, join many millions of users, accumulating experimental data (not necessarily negative) for generations of future physicians.

If you decide to proceed with caution and give up communicating with computer for a while , then you will not be left alone in your opinion, again shared by millions of people. Time will tell where the truth is.

How to fight, minimize the impact of harmful factors on the body?

Follow a few simple rules:

* Set maximum vision sparing monitor mode

* installing a computer in a room with artificial lighting, be extremely careful. It is best to sit with your back to the window, covered with blinds or curtains, a position in which the light source is to the left of user is also allowed.

* Keep track of your work with computer - in any case do not work for several hours without a break, and better arrange a fifteen-minute break every hour;

* if necessary, do special exercises for eyes (eg, intensive blinking, focus eyes on distant objects).

Table position

Ideally, the table should be just below the waist line, so that the screen would be located slightly below the line of sight, and you would not have to spend several hours with lifted head, there should be enough space under the table to pull tired legs time to time and chair should be a so-called “computer” one - spinning, with adjustable height, armrests and a comfortable back, with a semi-soft slip coating, if necessary, you can put a pillow for prevention of lumbosacral degenerative disc disease.

Proper posture

“Correct” posture does not always mean “easy.” It is possible you used to sit, hunched back and head bent, legs crossed and bringing forward one shoulder. Immediately stop! Note that pregnancy is a good excuse to quit bad habits. Thus, square shoulders, straighten back, legs should rests on the floor with whole foot (if necessary, use a stool or a special footrest) … But you still cannot sit even in the very best orthopedic posture for a long time.

Proper organization schedule

First of all, it is necessary to limit the possibility of staying at the computer, but the work itself must be constantly interrupted with breaks (45 minutes work - 15 minutes of rest, and not just turn off the monitor, but also stretch, getsup, walk, and then out to get a breath of fresh air). For 45 minutes of continuous work change posture at least 3-4 times: shake shoulders, move legs, shake head.

All this will help you avoiding fatigue, complications of pregnancy and giving birth to a healthy baby, who will please you for many long years.