Recently, a fascination with Feng Shui philosophy became popular. Many people move beds and cupboards diligently, buy bells and hang them in a house, hoping to change their lives for the better. Even if these passions are strange to you, learning a little bit about this philosophy is not superfluous, because you can find good corns in every science. We offer a small piece of Feng Shui teachings on how indoor plants located next to a man can help revealing his personal traits.

st692Such indoor plants, like geranium, azalea, begonia help achieving personal success and harden nature. Geranium soothes the energy of aggression, anger, and helps developing a sense of humor, what is always useful in any communication. Azalia is necessary for those who are afraid to take responsibility. Subliminally influencing a person, indoor plant will strengthen his self-confidence. Begonia organizes communication, prevents conversation from turning into chatter, adds speed and quickness.

Persian cyclamen and African violet contribute to material prosperity and support the owner’s forces. Cyclamen gives independence to flabby people. White violets calm down excessive emotions, blue - help revealing creativity, violet - achieve understanding and look at the issue philosophically.

Spiderwort, ferns, palms cirrus, ivy help maintaining friendly relations among people. Spiderwort, despite all the superstitions, will not turn you into envious person or make a tragedy out of nothing. Fern helps brinkmen regaining a sense of proportion and not losing head, developing a sense of tact and separating vagaries of desires. Palma organize people. Ivy removes emotions of envy and resentment.

Aloe and agave indoor plants help saving cordial relations within a family and improve atmosphere between relatives.

st691Balsamine, Chinese rose, Zantedeschia help in love and creativity. China Rose makes fun energy into the energy of creativity, neutralizes aggression to family members trying to establish their absolute power. These indoor plants are especially necessary for people, who are constantly not satisfied. It attaches masculinity to men, and independence to women. Zantedeschia saves family union, gives confidence and helps discovering one’s feelings. Balsamine creates a warm and sympathetic atmosphere, smooths tension.

Fancy liana and monstera strengthen health, give reasonableness, help developing intellect. Fancy liana, moreover, counteracts actions of those who are crazy about cleanness in all conditions. Monstera sorts out thoughts, helps formulating them clearly, shifts conservatives from a dead point.

Feng Shui and indoor plants. Crysanthemums and codiaeum help bringing peace between partners. Chrysanthemum is especially good for people having no way to establish a balance between reason and feelings. It dispels the atmosphere of doubt, gives peace, develops personality: a woman gets femininity, a man - manhood, both of them - tenderness. Helps overcoming selfishness and listening to the words of other people. Crotone calms mind, overloaded with creative ideas. Crotone gives confidence to a teenager, and this ensures from coming into a bad company.

Cactuses neutralize fury and anger, and are necessary, when human nature is unpredictable. They also calm down resentful people and prevent from nurturing plans of revenge. Cactuses Feng Shui and indoor plants help not focusing on feelings, and join logic to emotions. Dracena prevents from falling into pessimism and immersing in depression. Calms fussy ones, helps to achieve stable profits in business.

Lemon and Sansevieria are especially good near children, as they develop intellectual curiosity and reinforce attraction to learning. Lemon increases activity and autonomy. Sansevieria eliminates coarseness.
Yucca and Ficus indoor plants help coping with work and just needed in any chief’s office. Yucca will help gaining forces in difficult moments, create necessary atmosphere of trust to talk, being sure of yourself. Ficus develops enthusiasm and helps focusing on essentials.

Maranta and Poinsettia stimulate to find new and good places, with a lot of bright individuals seeking to lead. People no longer interfere and inhibit each other, those who lost the meaning of life find it again and start bringing quick profits. Poinsettia gives pleasure, helps deciding on a profession and opening new bright qualities.

You will be able to distract from domestic problems and find spiritual purposes in life, due to orchids and Cyperus indoor plants. Orchid inspires and encourages creativity, helps getting out of depression. Dark red orchids drive away laziness and apathy. Cyperus eliminates guff, tricks and deceit.

Agree, even if you do not believe in anything you have read, it is good to learn that indoor plants help you becoming better, and your affairs - successful. And if the article caused trust in you, you can pick up indoor plants so that your life would be markedly successful. The main thing is to believe, because belief means half success.