A future mother often doesn’t understand what exactly she wants. You do your best, but sometimes it’s difficult to please?
We offer you 8 original ideas and gifts for woman. Each one works smoothly: pregnant woman begins smiling happily, her spirits raise and health improves.

Here’s a little secret - you should do everything with pleasure!

Surround her with care
Your attention and consideration are always necessary for your loved. Learn foreseeing her wishes to make her smiling. Does she sit down in an arm-chair? Put a small pillow under her waist. This way it will be much more comfortable for her. Are you going shopping? Bend and tie up her ties without waiting her to ask. There’re lots of such small things.

You just need to notice them and help in time: cover with a plaid, bring socks or book, throw away candy wrapper, talk to her mother on the phone (tenderly and only about good things), going from work, call her and ask what to buy, - all this is easy and so nice! Learn everything about pregnancy. Is your loved one going to an antenatal clinic? Tell her you want to accompany her (do you see how she’s shining now?) A future mother will feel that expecting a baby and preparing for his birth - is your common matter. Meet a doctor, who is keeping your wife under observation. Ask him about most important things for a pregnant.

May be, she needs eating many fruits or “iron” products? A future mother will be more confident, as she’s cared about. Go to ultrasound investigation together for sure. Believe, you will never forget impressions such meetings with a baby will bring you. You will be able to discuss your baby’s pretty hands with your wife. Thin fingers - they look like her fingers! And form of head is like father’s one. Your loved will surely smile!

Make your wife glad with your new knowledge. For example, explain her that she needs to lie with lifted legs every day. This will help to avoid edemas and cope with tiredness. If you learn more about pregnancy, you will be able to dispel her anxious thoughts easily (sometimes they appear without obvious reasons). Even your steady voice will influence her mood positively - she will feel calmer.

Gifts for woman: an original diary

Write about your impressions and dreams, connected with paternity, on the first page. Share your anxious and tender attitude to a baby and, of course, his mother. This is a good start! Now make your gift for woman. She will describe her feelings there. From time to time don’t forget to state your thoughts too. Re-reading this diary several months later, you will receive great pleasure. And think about reading it 10 years later with your child!

Arrange a photo shoot

Take our various things, hats, scarves. Switch on music and start shooting. Record her belly from different sides. You can draw a funny face with a lipstick on it. Offer your wife to pose with her favorite book, fruit, pillow??¦ Repeat photo shoot from time to time. Then it will be interesting to compare photos and watch how tastes were changing and belly was growing. Get a big album for such photos and fill it up little by little.

Breakfast to bed!

Chewing something tasty lying in bed is no luxury for a future mother, but necessity. You will present her good mood for the whole day, if you serve a light breakfast for her. Products, containing many carbohydrates will suit wonderfully. They help preventing morning sickness. Get up little earlier, than usually, and go to a kitchen. Think about possible gifts for woman. Don’t worry, you won’t be late for work. It’s not difficult at all to cook a magic breakfast and this won’t take much time. Squeeze fresh orange juice or make a weak green tea. Put toasted bread with cheese, nuts and fruits on a tray. Ready! Offer your loved one eating slowly, enjoying. She will forget about toxicosis. A future mother will be in a good mood for the whole day after such pleasant morning!

Create interior

Pregnant woman is thinking about her baby almost all the time and looking forward to his birth. If you help her outstripping time a little in thoughts and feel she’s a mother, her mood will rise significantly. An excellent variant - is to consider nursery interior and realize best ideas. Wife cannot go to particularized shops now. So you should do it. Take samples of pretty wallpapers home. Allow your loved one choosing what she likes most. Remember that it is you who will have to hang wallpapers most likely. Future mother will be able only to advise. But, believe, you won’t get tired of such pleasant work.

Go walking to a park!

Fresh air raises spirits and cheers up excellently. So don’t sit at home: go for a walk. This is the best kind of physical load for pregnant. Consider a pleasant route (don’t go walking your usual road, invent something new). Remember about a cozy cafe close by (but only with a room for nonsmokers!) You can go there after an hour of walking to have some rest and drink juice. Walk along streets and park paths leisurely. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to stay together and dream about close future, where there will be three of you already!

Pleasant gifts for woman

No matter what you present to your wife, she will be happy. But there’re things, she will like especially. Remember these sure variants! So, prepare some stylish thing to your flapper’s liking. For example, choose a new bag or a set of bijouterie. Follow such rule: gifts for pregnant woman should be beautiful and fairly bright.

If your wife is a dreamer, present her a nice and, as it may seem, absolutely useless thing. A doll in pretty attire will suit excellently. An adult woman will be glad to a toy, like she’s a girl! A future mother will like a video cassette as a gift. Choose a kind movie, a family one. The main is that this movie should excite positive emotions and has a happy end. And it’s better not to watch thrillers for a future mother. Even if she likes them, a baby won’t like them most likely.

Scented bath
Fill in bath with warm water in the evening (don’t forget that hot bath is contra-indicated for a future mother). Add some scented foam.  Another variant -  sea-salt and essential oils. When everything is ready, invite your loved to sink into water. You can take a bath together. Sit behind your wife’s back. A pleasant massage is a great woman’s gift idea! Massage her shoulders accurately, stroke neck and back. When your loved will go out bath, give her a soft bathrobe and help. The matter is that it’s easy to overbalance at this moment. A cup of scented tea will become a wonderful end of a relaxing procedure. After a wonderful evening you spent together your wife will enjoy a balmy sleep. Looking at her, you will understand your efforts were useful.