A famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal headed the list of «Top 100 hottest gay icons».

A Hollywood lady-killer, who played a homosexual in a scandalous movie «Brokeback Mountain», takes the first position in a gay ranking for the second time in a row.

«What attracts gay men in Jake? His superb eyes and kind heart, - said the representative of gay web site - but most importantly, he had never judged gays. As an actor, Jake made everything to prove that men with a normal orientation should not be afraid of gay men or such roles».

Jake Gyllenhaal feels comfortable being in the status of “gay icon”

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal enjoys the status of “gay icon” he received after shooting in the movie “Brokeback Mountain.

According to him, he has no problems with the fact he became especially interesting in gay community.  “I am comfortable in any status. This is even flattering,” - said the actor.

Last year Jake Gyllenhaal was called the sexiest man in the world.

In addition, from time to time pages of tabloids are discussing rumors about possible actor’s homosexuality.

Jake just mocks such gossip. For example, in January 2007 on a popular American TV show “Saturday night”, he spread a pair of words with fans-cowboys from studio audience and performed a song from “Dreamgirls” musical, as it should be for the role, in a dress and wig.

Recall that, together with Jake Gyllenhaal, recently deceased actor Heath Ledger participated in the movie. On January 26, Jake attended the mourning ceremony in New York. Jake Gyllenhaal is Heath Ledger’s daughter’s godfather.

Since Jake Gyllenhaal parted with Kirsten Danst, all guessed who would take the place of his official girlfriend. While most suspicion falls on Reese Wiserspoone, his partner in the movie «Capitulation», which they brought to the Rome Film Festival. However, no evidence has been received from the actors, all the rest is just speculation.

In such situation, the voices of those who argue that Jake Gyllenhaal is gay become louder.

Jake Gyllenhaal even allows himself dubious thoughts in an interview: «One day I, along with Susan Sarandon, turned to be in a women’s dressing room. She interviewed me for a magazine, but we could not find a battery for our recording device for a long time, so we decided to search it in a women’s toilet. That day I made a very important discovery. First, the floor of the women’s toilets are much colder than male. Believe me, I spent much time on the floor in the men’s room, I definitely know whether the floors are warm or not. Secondly, I must say, women pee much louder than men. While I earlier thought that the other way around. Perhaps this applies only American women, I do not know».