Falling in love, a woman ceases niticing all shortcomings of her beloved man, and he becomes almost perfect for her. She spends her whole mental energy on him. But is it worth it, and whether a man gives her love? We will talk about sure signs a man is in love with you.

Sometimes we want to find love so passionately, that you are even ready to believe even the very small similarity, manipulate facts, invent motifs.

Each his action, every glance, is watched through a microscope: “Here he looked in my direction, gave hand, hold the door, paid for coffee … Maybe he still loves me?”

1. He feels sexual appetence

As attraction of sexes is a primary impetus of our approach, then … The main symptom of enamored male is desire, chemistry. If a man wants a woman, she has a chance to become a loved one. But this is not a guarantee a man and a woman will have long relationship. Any man has a permanent desire for physical connection, the instinct of reproduction - the most powerful human energy.

When a man looks at a woman, he almost always scan her for possible intimacy.

And all his subsequent behavior can be derived from a natural man’s interest in the opposite sex. A hunter wakes in a man. And the more inaccessible a bag is, the more sophisticated and stronger the desire is.

A man asserts himself through sex. This is a proof of his masculinity. But sometimes it is simply a way to overcome self-doubt. Now he has it. Interest fades. So, the desire does not always mean love.

However, can we be satisfied with one point? Right! We cannot, because we wish love and tenderness, not just erection. As well, as they. A man and a woman are creatures from different planets.

2. A man and a woman need spiritual approach

Therefore let’s proceed to the second ground, which is in need of emotional contact. In spiritual attraction, friendship. He is looking for your company, calls, writes, talks about himself, even listens. He tries to find a contact with you in every possible way.

Others use ICQ, mobile phone, and someone just needs a visual and tactile contact. Sometimes they are even annoying. But!

Try to estimate it, make a step towards him. If his efforts were directed not only to achieve physical contact, he will be happy, and you cannot fail to notice this. And we also should remember an obvious truth. Every man and woman have their own nature, characteristics, habits.

Some of them can speak beautiful words, and even sing serenades and others cannot even connect two words. Someone may give expensive cars and jewelry, but someone’s fantasy is enough only for stars from the sky. General trend is important here. If he is looking not only for your body, but also your company, your soul, attention, opinion - it means he really loves you.

3. He lets you in his life happily

Generally, men are so conservative, that the opportunity to let someone in their life, space, bach lair seems an attempt to dusturb their preciois freedom. If he persistently tries to draw you into his current space - this is a clear sign of love.

A man and a woman relationship. Be alert: if he allows you making changes in his apartment and clean up his litter, cook food or wash his shirts - that does not mean he loves you madly. Maybe he is just lazy to do it himself.

The fact of your presence in his life, a willingness to open his secrets, disclose existence of weaknesses in the form of dirty socks or unwashed dishes speak not only about his laziness, but also confidence to you.

He asks you to stay longer, live together. He does not run away early in the morning, look at his watch, recording time spent with you. You become a part of his life. Hoping to become all his life is stupid and selfish.

4. He is ready for sacrifices

He is happy to change, make concessions, adjust his plans, life, spend time, energy for you and your relationship. Any approach requires readiness for compromisses. We have to sacrifice something for our loved ones.

If a man is ready for this, cherishes your opinion, your presence in his life and you, then he willingly chooses to abandon his habits, steady rhythm of life, and even friends.

He may sacrifice his tastes, TV remote control and even place at the computer. Just do not abuse this willingness.

Because if a man refuses from his business or principal attitudes, his mother, dear circle of communication for you, the price may be disproportionate, especially when you cannot compensate for his lack of all this. And why should a man and a woman need such sacrifices?

5. He strives to take care of you

Do not bring all to material. Not every man manages to meet diverse needs of women’s welfare, especially in our time. However, appreciate his desire to do so.

He is trying to adjust to your mood and guess desires. And is terribly upset when fails. He is pleased, like a child, if he could bring you joy, laughter, surprise, reassure and protect.

And finally, the last one. For some women, who like turning a blind eye to obvious manifestations of dislike, this is perhaps the most important thing.

6. He does not cause you pain

This means he cannot make you sick on purpose. He will never use you and deceive systematically. It is simply unthinkable for enamored man. Involuntary troubles we often deliver each other because of discourtesy are ignored.

We mean inherently cruel or pathological rudeness, humiliation, psychological pressure, which destroy the inner world, and sometimes body. However, women often turn a blind eye even to egregious facts, believe promises and are deceived, still inventing excuses.

Sometimes rascals are so gentle in bed. For these miserable minutes of pleasure and tenderness a woman is ready to forget even infamy. So a man and a woman depend on each other.

Do not abuse your grievance, suffering for nothing, and global sobbing. When they are in a usual household registry manipulation, a man does not perceive them as your real pain. But do not let fooling yourself, do not obey your fear of losing him.

If he is indifferent to your genuine tears and suffering, run from him. He does not love you, even sometimes!

Trust your instincts

I want to finish on that note, which is what they say, should still belong to a woman, because woman is an agent of love on this planet.

She knows it better than any man. She has a perfect ear for this tune. After all, she feels it. And it does not need any external signs, you need only one - have a heart and soul, which can reveal his love, even if a man is not ready to speak on this topic.