Celebrities are ment to shine in the sky, and outshine others with their glow. But when their shines get in line, it becomes very difficult to identify a single beam each star is proud to have (and not only those in the sky, but also celebrities).

Therefore, it is so unpleasant to realize that someone may be exactly similar to you, the only unique one. Meanwhile, this fact becomes even more unexpected and unpleasant, if you know you bought a thing not on the market, but it was sewed exclusively for you. Now you can understand how distressed celebrities are, when they see someone wearing the same attire on the red carpet.


1 . Paris Hilton and Kris Kardashian in a dress from Diane von Furstenberg

In 2006, she was involved in a sex scandal, sharing a home video porn star’s fame with her friend, Paris Hilton. Stolen record of her intimate fun with ex-boyfriend Ray J walked on the Internet for a long time, making her famous.

At first she denied the authenticity of the video, however, sued the company that tried to sell porn-DVD, in fact, recognized her sexual exploits. Kim acknowledges she is still ashamed of that scandal. However, it did not prevent Kim from shooting in a men’s magazine.

It should be noted that Kim Kardashian enjoys very great success, and well-known magazines and other publications often offer Kim shooting in any way. Most of the time, after Kim’s appearance in erotic photo sessions - ratings of journals are rapidly growing up.


On May 2 2008, Kim Kardashian presented her DVD Workout with Kim Kardashian.

2 . Lindsay Lohan and Sarah Jessica Parker in a metalic dress from Nina Ricci

The second TV version of a popular television series «Sex and the City» should emerge on screens on May 28, 2010. It is anticipated that the main role performers Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will continue to participate in the film.

According to Glamour, while Chris Noth, playing Carrie Bradshaw’s husband, hinted that producers are thinking that this is time for a couple to start a family.

With respect to the star of the series, Sarah Jessica, performing the role of Carrie, she refused to disclose plans related to the film.

However, Cynthia Nixon expressed the desire that the famous quartet of girls should participate in some erratic adventure.


We know that a part of the shooting will take place in London.

3 . Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag in a dress from Herve Leger

Famous American singer Heidi Montag released another line of fashionable clothing. The star already has experience in the field of design - her clothes had so great success among customers, that she had to create another collection quickly.

At a party devoted to presentation of a new line of fashionable clothing, invitees were given special T-shirts with Heidi’s logo. Recall that the star designed models of her clothes by herself, on the basis of her everyday style.

4 . Sharon Stone and Mary J Blige in a dress from Marchesa

Sharon Stone, among other things, is not just beautiful, she is also very clever. So clever, that was able to squeeze out $ 14 million from her body and reputation. An actress got this wage for her role of writer-nymphomaniac Catherine Tramell in “Basic instinct 2″. Stone received a fee, regardless of whether the film was made or not.


Yeah, that’s cool, given that many projects in Hollywood gather dust on the shelves for years, but never appear on the screen. That movie was lucky. It emerged 13 years after the original erotic thriller that made Stone a star. The film studio spent a ridiculously low sum on its advertising.

However, rumors about explicit scenes of 48-year-old Stone played their own business. Intelligent beau monde in different countries considered it its duty to look at extravagant diva’s escapades.

Sharon became one of the mega-stars not just in show business. The most exalted politicians of leading countries in the world are standing next to her calmly. And we know how they tremble on their reputation.

5. Amanda Bayns and Christina Aguilera in a dress from Herv? L?g?r


Did you know that…

Her full name is Amanda Laura Bayns.

An actress wears contact lenses.

Being 7 years old, she took part in her first TV commercial for Nestle.

Her screen debut was in 1996 in the TV series All That … Various.

Drives autos Honda Accord and Lexus SC430;

Favorite subject in school - English;

She has two dogs - Tootsie Roll (golden labrador) и Betty Boop (Australian shepherd); three cats - Subbie, Dubbie и Tiger; and a fish named Bella;

Favorite Drink - Cola;

Likes roses.


5 . Leighton Meester and Kim Raver in a dress from Versace

About Leighton Meester …

Ее рост 165 см. Her height is 165 cm

Her surname is Dutch, means - a teacher.

The first role was in TV series “Law and Order” in 13 years.

Leighton and her family moved to New York, when she was 11 years

Leighton began her career as a model.

She sings and writes.

For the first time, Leighton wanted to become an actress at 11 years, when played in a school production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. That was when she moved to New York with her parents, and a small beauty was immediately noticed and invited to star for Ralph Laurent advertising campaign , then 11 year-old Leighton was filmed by Sofia Coppola.

The first Leighton’s role was a bit part in a popular “Law and Order” series, then followed small roles in such series as “CSI Miami”, “8 Rules …”,” Numbers” , “Veronica Mars”, at the same time Leighton was filmed in the series of NBC “Surface”.

The first full-fledged Leighton’s role in a movie was the role in a horror movie “Hangman’s Curse”, based on Frenk Peretti novel.

At the moment, Leighton lives in New York, is filmed in “Gossip girl”, sings and writes occasionally. Incidentally, one of her songs was used as a soundtrack to the film “Drive Thru” (with Leighton in the title role).