We all want to lose excess kilos, and efficient cheap diets can help us here. Interested? Then read …

Cheap diets. 90 days diet
The purpose of a 90-day separate nutrition diet, in addition to getting rid of excess kilograms, is to change metabolic processes in the body, as assurance that after the diet you can keep weight at achieved level. Therefore, after 90 days of a diet you should eat only fruits for breakfast, and continue eating balanced food, do not forget about right mix of products (divide protein carbohydrate meals) and strict feeding schedule.

If over the next three months, you lose another 3 kgs, this will mean your metabolism has changed. If you stop the diet before, this will not happen.

Diet consists of cycles (4 days).
Day 1 - protein (only meat, meat products and vegetables).
Day 2 - starch (potato, beans, rice, peas, cereals and vegetables).
Day 3 - Lunch can include pasta, pastries, just without milk, a piece of cake for dinner, 3 pieces of small baking and always an edge of black chocolate.
Day 4 - only fruits all day long.

Every day eat for breakfast only fruits, such as 2 apples, 2 pears, lunch - only after 12 AM. Do not eat after 8 PM! Portions are normal at lunch and half for dinner.
After 4 days the cycle is repeated - and so for all three months. The diet is called a 90-day separate nutrition diet.

Basic principle is: if you want to lose weight significantly, all these days you need to have mostly boiled or stewed food, refuse bread consumption and reduce fruit one. The less you eat, the more weight you lose. If you decided to lose weight not too radically, it’s your choice. But do not play by feeding schedule and combination of products. Just increase portion.

Eat three times a day. You can have four meals: if you feel hungry in the morning, eat some fruits between breakfast and lunch. If your working day does not allow you eating on time, eat fruits or drink fruit juice. Fruit and vegetable juices, despite the fact they are liquid, are also considered a food intake.

The best cheap diets strategy for weight loss and weight maintenance is reduction of calorie consumption, while marked increase in physical activity.

Throughout whole 90 days, breakfast is approximately the same (two apples or pears or a glass of berries). Fruits can be combined as you like, but for better digestion you should not mix them. You can eat all fresh and dried fruits, seeds, nuts, and fruit and vegetable juices. Fruit juices should not contain sugar or may contain it in minimum quantities. Drink of fresh lemon is highly recommended.

Choose fruits that are easier to buy during your diet. Exotic fruits can vary your menu from time to time. If you have a juicer, use it.

Diet with tomato juice
Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice with two pieces of rye bread, with a thin layer of butter or half-cup lean curd with fruit salad.

Lunch: a glass of tomato juice, half-cup boiled rice with some vegetables, and a raw or baked apple for dessert. Another version of lunch: 150 g lean boiled fish, salad of cucumber, tomato and green leaf lettuce, with a tablespoon olive oil, and 100 grams grapes for dessert.

Dinner: 100 grams minced beef, seasoned with pepper and herbs, a few mushrooms stewed with onions, two small boiled potatoes. Another option: half boiled chicken fillet, boiled with vegetables, and half-cup boiled rice.

Weekend Diet
The proposed low-calorie diet (less than 1300 kcal / day), is developed specifically for weekend, it can be used during fasting days.

Three advantages of cheap diets
1. It has nothing to do with starving diets, often depleted of proteins, vitamins and minerals. The deficit of these nutrients can have bad effects on health: cause anemia, nervous disorders and exhaustion, and cardiovascular system, digestive system and kidneys diseases. Typically, such superdiets are ineffective, they do not form skills of good nutrition: ceasing to observe them, hungry people quickly begin to gain weight back. The basic principle of a weekend diet - minimum of fats, limited number of carbohydrates, fractional diet made up of diverse, low-calorie, but rich with all necessary vitamins and minerals foods.

2. Sticking to cheap diets, you do not have to resort to laxative and diuretics: fresh vegetables and fruit juices are the best way to normalize bowels and kidneys work.

3. Weekend cheap diets, consisting of «fast» dishes - is just a discovery for today’s business women. It will not tie you to the stove, bring a lot of free time, but will not leave your family hungry. In addition, it contains many appetizing products that can bring real pleasure from the process of slimming.

Breakfasts (at choice).
1. 25 g non-sweet flakes with skim milk, banana;
2. 1 boiled egg, 2 bread with bran, a glass of warm milk;
3. Fresh fruit salad (apples, pears and a few grapes), filled with a cup of natural yogurt, a cup of coffee with milk;
4. Toast with baked tomatoes, 20 grams cheese, a cup of tea with honey.

Snacks (your choice).
1. 1 apple, a cup of coffee with milk (sweetened);
2. 2 fresh cucumbers and 50 g home-made cheese, 1 / 2 cup fresh carrot juice;
3. middle-sized orange and a small bunch of grapes;
4. half of grapefruit, pear.

Lunches (your choice).
1. Cream soup of vegetables;
2. A cup of lean beef broth;
3. A cup of chicken broth.

• 100 g boiled white chicken meat, salad of fresh cabbage, filled with vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, olive, linen), crisp bread;
• 100 g peeled shrimps, 2 middle-sized potatoes boiled in their jackets, one tablespoon mayonnaise, a piece of bread with bran;
• 150 g stewed carrots, or 100 grams peas, 100 g boiled salmon (salmon, trout), sprinkled with lemon juice, low-calorie bun.

Fruit (apple, orange, grapefruit, blackcurrant, pomegranate, plum) and vegetable (carrot, tomato) juices.

Snacks (your choice).
• fruit yogurt;
• half-grapefruit and 2 slices fresh or canned pineapple;
• 100 g fresh or frozen strawberries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries) with sweetener;
• 100 g canned or fresh peaches.

Afternoon’s luncheon
• 50 g stewed carrots, bread, a glass of skim kefir;
• 75 g home-made cheese, 50 g boiled cauliflower, a cup of coffee with milk and sweetener;
• banana, bread with honey, a glass of tea;
• low-calorie bun with filling of vegetables or lettuce, a glass of tomato juice.

Dinners (your choice).
• 100 g lean ham with a slice of pineapple, 100 g stewed (canned) red beans, vegetable salad, filled with vegetable oil, a piece of bread with bran, pear;
• 100 g boiled chicken with grated cheese (25 g), fresh tomato, one potato in jacket, low-calorie bun (bread), a glass of tea with milk and sweetener;
• omelet of two eggs and 50 g lean ham, 25 g canned green peas, 25 g canned corn, a cup of natural yoghurt;
• 150 g boiled cod with milk sauce, 50 g stewed beet, 50 g boiled rice, a piece of bread with bran, orange.