Nothing decorates a woman better, than evening gowns. Would you like to contemplate 5 most beautiful woman dresses in the world?

A survey of American women identified 5 great dresses celebrities appeared in at various ceremonies. So …

1. Woman dresses: Elizabeth Hurley and Versace

The first place is taken by a legendary woman dress by Versace, held with pins, Elizabeth Hurley (Liz Hurley) wore where on the red carpet in 1994.

It is interesting to listen to Elizabeth Hurley’s comments (who, incidentally, is the face of cosmetics company Estee Lauder and a favorite model of many haute couture designers) on the world of high fashion.”

“Certainly, there is something absurd in the very nature of haute couture - all is madly expensive and often impossible to wear. But this is so fantastic, that I just fell in love with all these things, and since then I feel happy, when I have an occasion to wear any of them.

I have two ways to get haute couture woman dresses: I either buy a dress right after the show, or have a dress ordered. The first method is more risky, because dress is tailored to a specific model’s figure and does not always suit me. However, it is very interesting to wear a dress with a label “Chanel Stella” or “Dior Giselle” and compare their figures with mine: it is good to see that some of them has bigger ass, but I’m not too glad to know that she has, for example, longer legs.


In fact, nobody in the world can afford haute couture woman dresses (a dress costs from $ 20 000 and more), but when you wear the thing, tailored to every inch of your figure, then you begin to understand why rich people pay so much money. Without a doubt, haute couture, like nothing else, underlines advantages of appearance and hides flaws.

Most of the time I was dealing with Versace, but I also wore very beautiful woman dresses from many other fashion houses. Both Valentine, and Ungaro - they all have a magical effect.

Most haute couture woman dresses and costumes have a very solid foundation, like a corset, which helps to hide many shortcomings of figure. The same basis quietly corrects posture, and this is one of the main ways to look well dressed. If you straighten your back and draw abdomen, any property bought in store seems elegant. Of course, one should practice this at home more often.

Woman dresses sewed right on the figure always justifies itself, even if it is home made. Most people’s figures do not correspond to standard sizes, and something always has to be taken in, arranged, shortened or lengthened. I personally can wear nothing of what is sold in stores, because I was not an ordinary figure - very wide shoulders and very narrow hips. Sinc school uniform, my clothes had to be sewed specially. When I was a child, my mother used a good old sewing machine bought in 60’s”.

2. Woman dresses: Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy

A white dress with a floral pattern from Givenchy, which famous Audrey Hepburn wore at Oscar 1954 is on the second place.

It is interesting to know that a pink cocktail dress Audrey Hepburn wore while she was filmed in 1961, in a lyrical comedy “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, was sold for 192 thousand dollars on 30 May at Christie’s auction in New York. The price is more than six times higher than preliminary estimated value of the lot. Note, last year, a little black dress by Givenchy Audrey wore when she was filmed in the same movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, was sold in London for 467.2 thousand pounds (more than 800 thousand dollars).

8605_2.gifHepburn’s pink dress was the top lot of trades, having eclipsed memorabilia associated with Hollywood stars, such as Marilyn Monroe, Vivien Leigh, Marlon Brando. However, a suit Barbra Streisand wore in 1968 in the movie “Funny Girl” was among other lots sold prior to auction. It was sold for 33,6 thousand dollars.

3. Woman dresses: Julia Roberts and Valentino

Vintage black and white dress by Valentino Julia Roberts wore at Oscar 2001 is on the third place.

In the world of fashion you learn one very important thing (it seems obvious, but it is amazing how many people “burn” on this): do not even think to wear something that does not suit you, just because it is fashionable. Recently “empire” woman dresses entered fashion, and 99% of women wearing them look fat, and also pregnant. Julia Roberts was great in this dress, but if you do not have her height and leanness, then you can just hang yourself after seeing your photo in such dress.

6245_5.gifAnother important lesson masters of fashion can teach us: you have to realize main advantages of your appearance and demonstrate them bravely. If you have beautiful legs, forget about long skirts, if nature gave you beautiful hands and wrists, wear three-quarter length sleeves. There is no women throughout the world, which would not have any attractive features. It does not matter what it will be - hair, eyes, skin, shoulders, legs, neck. The main is to remember this and try to demonstrate in the most favorable light.

4. Woman dresses: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Versace

Incidentally, Catherine Zeta-Jones won her Oscar 2003 for a supporting role in a chiffon dark chocolate-colored dress with a lace trim. And guess by what designer. Yes, it was Versace.

In 2004, Catherine Zeta-Jones appeared at a ceremony in dress by Versace, for the second year in a row.

9555_3.gifBy the way, the Institute of Fashion Technology in New York held an exhibition “Fashion - Italian style.” Clothing by Gianni Versace was beautifully presented in the exhibition space. A version of his famous “pin dress” Liz Hurley wore was one of the exhibits.

5. Woman dresses: Jennifer Lopez and Versace

Well, Versace open dress with tropical prints Jennifer Lopez wore at Grammy 2000 also got the fifth place.

Finally, tips on how to look seductive without a huge investment in your wardrobe. If you have enough courage, you can stand naked in front of the large mirror, and examine yourself very self-critically. More painful, but effective method is to ask a true friend to photograph you in all angles.

Then you should get out your favorite woman dresses of the cupboard and to do the same in dressed form. Polaroid captures reality ruthlessly. You’ll see yourself the way other people see you. Check the length of skirt - does it open main advantages of your legs? Should you bare waist? Will this top fit better, if you put on a bra? Does beige color kill you?

After all this activity you do not have to be Einstein to calculate what body parts need to be flaunted, and which - hidden at all cost. When you learn this simple science, you will save a lot, because you will stop buying things under the influence of mood, as all ladies do.