As men perfectly know how to hide their feelings, a woman often cannot understand whether he is in love with her or just wants to have a good time. However, there are still 10 signs that can help you finding an answer to this vital question.

Asking yourself this question, remember one very important moment, if you doubt your man loves you, regardless of the fact that you spent rather much time with him, this means your doubts have ample grounds.

1. You can understand that your man is in love through his way to do things a woman offers him. When a man starts introducing a woman to his friends, this is a true sign he is in love with her.

2. A man in love is always in high spirits. He becomes really happy and changes his life. Friends and relatives notice these changes.

3. A man in love allows a woman bossing in his house. He is proud of the way she changes atmosphere. He buys furniture she likes. He even allows her keeping her tampons under his basin. He is ready to enter a woman into his life.

4. He starts paying more attention to his appearance, thinks about future - in financial, physical and all other aspects.

5. He vails his interests. He quits all affairs just to meet with her. If she wants to eat, he will leave a bed and rush for  doughnuts in the night.

6. Men are inclined to variety until they are really in love. If he really wants one woman, he does not care how many other women he can have, as he wants to be only with her. Other women represent no interest to a man in love. All temptations quit their existance, when a man is really in love.

7. When a man thinks of woman all the time, makes pleasant trifles for her, thinks of the way to bring her pleasure.

8. A man in love is ready to do everything for his woman. He never thought of family and children, but with this woman he wants this right now.

9. She does not have to ask. He knows this instinctively.

Believe in real love and check efficacy of all mentioned signs on practice. If they exist - you should have no doubts!