When it seems that some invisible forces destroy your plans, and good luck left you absolutely, do not hasten to despair! Address to Feng Shui. Probably, it is destructive Sha energy which filled premises, where you live and work.

According to Feng Shui, all space round us is filled by numerous power streams. But there are only two kinds of energy in them: positive energy Chi (a symbol of development and prosperity) and negative energy Sha (a symbol of stagnation and decline). It is clear that one cannot exclude Sha energy from our life completely and make Chi energy a unique motive power. But you still can observe certain balance between these energies, at which you will feel harmony with world around.

It is harmonious balance of Sha and Chi energies that makes human life happy and successful. Whereas prevalence of any energy can transform human life into torture. It is considered, for example, that surplus of Chi energy makes one aggressive, nervous, irritable, generates also such not palatable condition as sleeplessness. In its turn, surplus of Sha energy transforms person into languid, depressive being which is in dozing (if not to tell half-dead) condition, a being which cannot live actively, resist problems and achieve purposes.

What is Sha?


According to ancient Chinese legends, Sha energy is “poisoned arrows”, negative forces, destructive streams, which (when directed on you) oppress, weaken, destroy your own power.

Sha is a notorious Chinese dragon with tongues of flame, devouring all on his way, an immortal monster which cannot be killed, an invisible phantom which lives in each house. Sha is many-sided and disappears under different masks.

Sha energy sources

Sources of negative Sha energy exist both outside, and in premises.

The most widespread Sha source – a straight road. Ancient Chineses believed that evil ghosts can move only on a straight line. Therefore traditionally in the East they do not construct straight roads, bridges and if direct direction cannot be avoided, this is somehow compensated decoratively.

Other Sha sources:
• acute angles. From such corners “poisoned Sha arrows” go to a person. Same corners exist also in columns with square section.

• hanging subjects. These are both excessively high houses adjoining your house, and canopies, beams in premises, hinged shelves and so forth.

• “dead” zones. These are zones, where there is no movement, air, life: cluttered up spaces, dirty, dusty, spoilt subjects, cracks, not aired sites of a premise etc.

As it is considered that Sha energy directed on a person influences quality of his life negatively, theere are ways of Sha neutralisation: take it away from premises, weaken its action, resist its force.

How to be protected from external Sha influence?

Look round houses, where you live and work attentively. Whether there is a direct road to the house, other houses’ acute angles directed on a building? And whether heaps of dust or garbage containers are visible? It is also bad, if there are hospitals, factory pipes and cemeteries in a visibility range.

It is clear that you cannot exclude external Sha, but it can be neutralised, in full or in part. And for this purpose there are some ways.

The easiest one - to make Sha sources “invisible”, then, according to Feng Shui, they will cease existing for you. You can curtain windows, if this won’t damage illumination in a given premise (for example if it is a bedroom). But there is also other way - to reflect Sha by means of Bagua mirror, which is hung up in a window niche, and this way poisoned arrows are directed in other side.

And the most effective way to eliminate Sha influence — a barrier on a way of “poisoned arrows”, creating something like a calmness zone in front of entrance in a building. This function is carried out by quite ordinary things: lanterns (light destroys Sha), benches, avenues, flower beds. And if you can change space near the house, affect it.

Entrance door serves as a basic Sha source in a premise.

How to block Sha input in a premise?

6349_fenshuy_4.jpgIf from the lift and ladder direction to an entrance door goes on a straight line, change it by means of additional designs or decorative subjects. As to entrance door. First of all, its size should be approached to developed standards - not too small and not too big. It is very important, that door loops would not creak, as this frightens off Chi and attracts Sha. A door jamb has great value - it should be proportional, without cracks, scratches and other damages (timely repair is not only a tribute to aesthetics, but also Fengh Shui rule феншуй). Space at an entrance door should be free, shined, pleasant to an eye. Take care that doorbell melody would not be not sharp, but causing positive emotions.

A corridor should be spacious enough. If it does not allow a lay-out, increase corridor space visually by means of a mirror. If a corridor is very long and narrow, hang a picture or other decorative ornaments on walls, to expand it visually and make movement of streams not so prompt. A corridor should be shined well, better with wind music, hand bells – things that interfere Sha and create Chi. According to Feng Shui rules, you should not be see from a hall those places, where Sha concentrates territorially - toilet, plates, bowls, pipes. If you see them, you should necessarily disguise them with plants or screen.

How to correct internal Sha action?

Indoors “poisoned Sha arrows” are created by ceiling beams, acute angles of walls and furniture, hanging shelves, acute-angled columns, ledges on walls and even prickles of cactuses! Dried up flowers, dirty ware, dust, spoilt subjects – these are also sources of Sha energy.

To neutralise internal Sha, use following ways:
• do vacuum and damp cleaning regularly, without supposing congestion of dust, web, dirt, formation of stuff “blockages”
• do not leave dirty ware, crumbs on a floor and tables after meal
• take out dust every evening
• water drain, bowls, cranes and toilet bowl should be serviceable, so that Sha would not stay in them
• in a bedroom: do not sleep feet to an exit, never leave bed untidy
• do not keep stuffed animals, skin, dried flowers, branches in a premise
• get rid of prickly cactuses, their sharp needles radiate Sha
• remove dry flowers from a vase
• periodically throw out old, unnecessary things from a premise
• air (but without draughts) premises daily

If you cannot get rid of internal Sha sources, their action should be weakened:

• keep doors in a bathroom and toilet closed (toilet bowl should be covered by lid)
• hang out, place natural flowers in pots, decorative subjects of interior on ledges, corners or near to them
• suspend Chinese bamboo sticks tied up by red ribbons or flutes to ceiling beams

Add Chi in counterbalance to Sha

The most harmonious role in balance of Chi and Sha is played by pets. Especially cats. They are unique, as well as plants, that simultaneously absorb carbonic gas and give oxygen, and cats feed themselves with Sha, and fill premise with Chi.

Powerful barrier for Sha and source of Chi are: pure water, light, mirrors and other reflecting subjects, wind and moving subjects, live plants, pleasant smells and sounds. Therefore, wind music (better with six hollow tubules), various hand bells, 6 connected Chinese coins, Bagua mirror (an octagon with a mirror in the centre), figurines of lions of Buddha are traditionally used in a premise interior. To improvement of harmony and house power they also use: aromatic sticks and cones, crystal pendant, sphere or pyramid, fan as a decorative detail, handiworks from natural materials.

Feng Shui art is remarkable as it not just puts a problem, but also offers clear and accessible to everyone methods, allowing to solve it. Try to protect your house and office from negative Sha energy, and you will see - favorable changes in all areas of your life will not keep themselves waiting!