• 4 types of men to avoid
    30 December 2011 4:21 pm | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Good girls attract bad guys like a magnet, but we’re not taking the easy route: we often fail to notice a good person close to us. Unfortunately, women tend to choose someone who will certainly disappoint or hurt them.

  • Breakup survival tips: 5 stages of a breakup
    30 December 2011 4:08 pm | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Mutual parting with a loved one never passes smoothly. Even if we keep repeating, “it’s all over,” we still don’t cross the final line for more than six months and sometimes even two or three years.

  • Best Shampoo: Results
    6 April 2011 8:48 pm | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Since ancient times, people have attributed magical properties to hair. They believed beautiful, healthy hair made a woman feminine, wrapped her in mystery and attracted people to her.  An owner of lush and shiny hair feels and acts more confident. Moreover, a well-groomed head always creates good mood.

  • Trendy haircuts 2011
    1 April 2011 8:38 pm | By WP | Comments(2) »

  • Sea Salt: The Natural Fight Against Cellulite
    22 March 2011 8:01 pm | By WP | Comments(0) »

    Scientists say life originated in the ocean. They’ve already proved seafood helps woman look  more attractive  and solves many health and beauty related problems, such as cellulite and stress.

  • Tips for cleansing your liver at home
    15 March 2011 7:25 pm | By WP | Comments(0) »

    The liver is the second most vital organ after the heart. The liver filters our blood, cleansing it from contaminants. Everyone knows that pure blood means health, vigor, vitality and energy. Therefore, maintaining a healthy liver is an extremely vital issue for us!

  • Diaper Rash: How to Protect Baby’s Delicate Skin
    6 March 2011 8:22 pm | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Signs of diaper rash include redness and swelling of inguinal skin folds, buttocks and perineum, as well as rash blisters and peeling in these areas.  58% of infants will experience some type of diaper related rash. Some moms associate such reaction of baby sensitive skin with diapers. However, the name of this condition appeared long before invention of disposable diapers.

  • Baby Fever and Temperature
    6 March 2011 8:12 pm | By WP | Comment(1) »

    Fever is a frequent symptom of childhood ailments. But does it always require treatment? And what’s the best way to reduce a fever without causing harm to a child’s body?

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